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Records Management

The University Archives procures, organizes, collects, describes, maintains and preserves records of historical and administrative value to the university. Here are the guidelines for transferring office records to the University Archives.

Transferring Office Records to the University Archives

What Items Are Accepted?

Items We CollectItems We Do Not Collect
  • Accreditation documentation
  • Correspondence (committee, departmental, school, or other groups)
  • Identified photographs (using a pencil, place date/names on back of photograph)
  • Minutes (committee, departmental, school, or other groups)
  • Newsletters
  • Policies and procedures
  • Programs of events (awards, ground breakings, student recognition)
  • Publications (brochures, flyers, posters, etc.)
  • Reports (annual, final grant, self-study, etc.)
  • Announcements of retirement
  • Blank forms
  • Duplicate photocopies of anything
  • Equipment handbooks or manuals
  • Invitations or replies to parties (staff, office, campus, etc.)
  • Invoices
  • Letters of transmittal or cover letters
  • Non-A&T publications
  • Personal correspondence or material
  • Personnel forms of any kind
  • Preliminary drafts (letters, memos, reports, or worksheets)
  • Purchase orders
  • Reference material, including books, newspapers, periodicals, etc.
  • Routing slips
  • Telephone call slips
  • Travel itineraries
  • Travel reimbursement files
  • Unidentified photographs

Records Transfer Instructions

  1. Files should be transferred in sturdy boxes.
  2. Files should be packed in the same order as your filing cabinet.
  3. Files should be sent in their original file folders since these folders include important information such as subject and dates. Do not use rubber bands on folders.
  4. Do not send records in hanging files or loose-leaf binders.
  5. Give a brief description of records in a box (e.g., listing folder titles, with their dates, etc.)
  6. Attach a sheet of your letterhead to the box cover with the date and name of contact person and address it to:
    University Archives/F.D. Bluford Library/Room 201/Campus
  7. Deliver boxes to the loading dock at the rear of F.D. Bluford Library.
  8. Small amounts of records can be sent to Archives via campus mail to:
    University Archives/F.D. Bluford Library/Room 201/Campus

Before bringing over large amounts of records, telephone University Archives staff at 336.285.4176.

UNC Records Retention and Disposition Schedule

Disposition of University records should be in accordance with the UNC Records Retention and Disposition Schedule, which indicates how long you should keep specific records in your office and the final disposition of those records.

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