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F.D. Bluford Library Celebrates the 30th Anniversary of Its Current Building

The library building in use today was dedicated, Sept. 10th, 1991.
F.D. Bluford Library Celebrates the 30th Anniversary of Its Current Building

Bluford Library Yearbook photo, 1993


The library transformed significantly since its beginnings in 1894, back when it could be found in the office of the University’s President, Dr. John O. Crosby in the Old Dudley Building with an estimated $500 budget for books. Over the decades the NC A&T State University’s library evolved to meet the needs of Aggies and the community at large. This year we celebrate a major milestone in the library’s history: the 30th Anniversary of our contemporary building, named in honor of Dr. Ferdinand Douglass Bluford, the third president of this campus.  

In September 1988, the A&T Register announced the university received funds to build a new library which would be the “largest building on campus,” that would boast a “computer center” and “Bluford would be transformed into an academic support building.” Today F.D. Bluford Library continues to transform, not just in our space, but in our services.  

2021 marks another new era for F.D. Bluford Library. The library strengthened its online offerings, welcomed new faculty, and won a record number of grants that will allow Bluford to purchase the latest technology and resources. As the library reflects on the past 30 years of service,  we invited Vicki Coleman, Dean of Library Services, Chancellor Dr. Harold L. Martin, Chancellor Emeritus Dr. Edward Fort, and Dr. Leonard Williams Alumni and Faculty at NC A&T State University, to help us tell Bluford’s story and the role this library plays on NC A&T State University’s campus.


Vicki Coleman, Dean of Library Services

In 1991, the new F.D. Bluford Library building was dedicated. As we commemorate Bluford Library’s 30th anniversary, it is an opportunity for me share my thoughts on the library’s past and my hope for its future. The new library was designed to be one of the largest buildings on campus with the promise of meeting the informational needs of students, faculty and staff. Visitors to the building had access to a broad array of printed research materials, typing rooms, smoking rooms, an audiovisual center, and study spaces.

Over the past 30 years, the concept of the term “library” has expanded. While nearly 900 visitors enter the library building each day, its digital-enabled operations provide individuals with 24x7 access to hundreds-of-thousands of e-books, e-journals and research databases through their smart phones, tablets and laptops. Additionally, library personnel stand ready to help information seekers at in-person and virtual service desks.

My hope for Bluford Library in the year 2051 is that it has evolved in response to changes in the higher education landscape and that the library employees continue to embrace their role as contributors to student success and faculty productivity. As an alumnus of the university, I hope that future generations of students have an opportunity to experience Bluford Library as I did -- as a multifaceted learning laboratory that enriched my educational experience.


Dr. Harold L. Martin Sr., Chancellor

Being a proud alumnus of North Carolina A&T, I know how vital Bluford Library has been and continues to be for our campus. It houses a wealth of information and resources that propels our university toward preeminence and positions our students, faculty and staff as leaders in educational excellence.

As it observes its 30th anniversary in its current location along East Market Street, Bluford Library will remain an anchor for East Greensboro and serve as a testament to transformative learning and teaching, as well as civic outreach, that ultimately benefits everyone within our community. We celebrate its enduring success in providing the services that help Aggies prepare to meet the challenges presented by an ever-changing world.


Dr. Edward Fort, Chancellor Emeritus

The Bluford Library in all of its history, is rich in its heritage. Its incredible volumes of Black campus history, with special emphasis upon North Carolina A&T State University, represents a lifetime of research and more.
When one peruses the volumes of information ranging from biographies, any historical eras such as the Civil War, Black Codes, reconstruction, Jim Crow-ism, and the Hallelujah Chorus, one is consumed with interest, fascination and all-encompassing knowledge. If one contemplates the serious examination of library material, North Carolina A&T State University Bluford Library must be included in the composite.

Take a long hard look at the Bluford Library. Its volumes are contagious, fascinating, intriguing and even foretelling of the future.

Go there and learn history.


Dr. Leonard L. Williams, MBA, Faculty

Bluford Library brings back so many fond memories for me and my wife! We had the distinct honor of being the "first incoming freshmen class " to use this library when the doors were opened in 1991. We spent countless hours studying for zoology, statistics, anatomy, horticulture, soil microbiology, and other countless exams as undergraduate and graduate students in the College of Science and Technology (formally called College of Arts and Sciences) and College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences. Ironically, we met 30 years ago as a freshman preparing for a Trig/Algebra exam in the basement (Archives or Periodicals?) of Bluford Library. We are forever indebted to the library faculty and staff who provided countless hours of guidance and support while studying or cramming for exams to midnight and an occasional "nudge" on the shoulder when we fell asleep in the cubicles or chairs throughout the library. This library will always have a special place in our heart, and we look forward to many more years of celebrating the outstanding services provide to the Aggie Community!. Happy 30th Anniversary to Bluford Library and this is truly a testament to the outstanding commitment and excellence the library faculty and staff has provided to countless students and visitors over the years!

Leonard ('95 - Biology and '97 - Animal Health Sciences) and Katina ('95 - Earth Science and 97' - Agricultural Education).


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