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Every semester, F.D. Bluford Library recognizes employees for their outstanding work and commitment to the department. It is with great pleasure that we announce those who won these awards for Summer 2021. These winners were nominated by their peers and selected by the Awards and Recognition Committee.

CUSTOMER SERVICE AWARD: Derrick Hardy, University Library Technician, Government Documents, Serials & Microforms

This award is given for providing quality service to internal and/or external clients of the Library in a positive manner that significantly exceeds the expectations of the position and/or serves as a model for other employees.

Mr. Hardy’s colleagues note that he is always "willing to take on projects. Before COVID he trained students on the gov[ernment] doc[uments] project, during COVID he continued to work on it, and even now is an instrumental part of the project. He never hesitates to assist in the physical moving of the endless boxes... He is always friendly and a pleasure to work with." 

CREATIVITY & INITIATIVE AWARD: Katie Kehoe, Grants & Communications Librarian, Library Administration

This award is given to those who develop and implement a program that has significantly enhanced library operations,F.D. Bluford Library is pleased to announce the appointment of Katie Kehoe as the Grants and Communications librarian. resources, access to resources, or direct service to library patrons.

Ms. Kehoe colleagues write about her work:

"Ms. Kehoe has taken the role of Grants and Communications Librarian and exceeded all expectations in positively affecting Bluford Library, our colleagues and students, and our university community. She has relentlessly worked to re-establish and invigorate our social media presence, forged powerful new relationships with University Relations, assisted in creating and herself created aesthetically pleasing and easy-to-use templates for publicity for all of us to use, and encouraged a record number of grant proposals submitted by the library during her tenure here. Asides from helping secure over $100k of external funding, her work also resulted in the library's first-ever dedicated fundraiser from University Advancement, press releases touting the library's accomplishments released by the university, and raised Bluford Library's preeminence. As she embodies the best of both creativity and initiative, I am proud to nominate for this award."

VOLUNTEERISM AWARD: Darian Quick, Library Systems, University Program Specialist This is Darian Quick in his Bluford t-shirt

This award is given to those who volunteer to take on a particular task not normally assigned to anyone, including working for someone who is out, or for freely undertaking a task to help out whenever necessary. 

For serving F.D. Bluford Library, and for his willingness to assist whomever and wherever it is needed, Mr. Quick is being awarded for his volunteerism. His peers share the following about what impresses them about his work:

"Throughout this extremely trying time, Mr. Quick has graciously and voluntarily done so many things for so many of us. He has driven to people's homes to deliver or swap laptops, to keep people productive during "work from home", voluntarily run errands across campus for people who need them, and repeatedly helped in areas that have nothing to do with his professional responsibilities. For his willingness to help everyone and pitch in wherever needed in Bluford Library and beyond, it is my pleasure to nominate Darian Quick for the volunteerism award."

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